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The Hygiena SystemSure Plus™’ removable read chamber makes cleaning easy if contamination enters the reading area. Hygiena instruments are the only systems on the market to have this important design feature. All luminometers, if used correctly, shouldn’t be able to have contamination in this chamber. However, the environment and user error could make a contaminated read chamber common. 

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The SystemSure Plus™ ATP Tester is designed so the user can clean the read chamber themselves so downtime is minimised and costs are averted.

Its tough outer shell and keypad are meant to withstand the shock of small drops and years of use. The SystemSure Plus™ is powered by 2 AA batteries which provide the user with long battery life. This means the user doesn’t need to worry about charging the unit every day with the expectant 8-12 months of uninterrupted use before needing to change batteries.

Each unit comes with a complimentary protective carrying case and shoulder strap, allowing you to work hands-free wherever you go. The carrying case and shoulder strap minimize the risk of drops or falls whilst on the go. The SystemSure Plus™ case comes with a zipper pouch for convenient storage of swabs, notes, instructions, or any essentials. 

The SystemSure Plus™ has a sleek design that is completely operable with one hand. Even when you already have your hands full, this design makes scrolling and selecting test locations easier than ever.


  • Removable read chamber design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Extremely sensitive to low levels of contamination
  • Advanced photodiode technology (internal solid state detector is not affected
  • by drops or shakes)
  • Small, lightweight, handheld instrument
  • Quick-test mode enabling ad-hoc testing
  • Large backlit screen with optional bold text
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries (last several months of uninterrupted uses)
  • USB software connection
  • Durable outside shell
  • Sealed keypad (protect against splashes and wear)
  • One year warranty including parts and labour (additional coverage available)


Dimensions Storage (LxWxH): 7 x 3 x 18 cm

100 programmable test plans / 200 programmable user IDs

251 programmable locations per test plan / 5,000 programmable test locations

Compatible Swabs

SystemSure Plus™

Surface ATP Test

  • UltraSnap™
  • SuperSnap™
  • AquaSnap ™ Free Swab
  • AquaSnap™ Total Swab


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