UltraSnap™ Surface ATP Swabs

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The UltraSnap™ is a user-friendly ATP surface test. It is a pen-sized sample collection device is easy to use, small and environmentally friendly. UltraSnap™ uses a unique liquid-stable reagent that provides superior accuracy, longer-lasting signal strength and more reproducible results. 

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The UltraSnap™ couldn’t be easier to use with the three-step process. Simply swab, snap and squeeze. Collecting a sample, activating the device and mixing the sample is so easy, anyone can do it. The UltraSnap™ contains liquid-stable chemistry in the patented Snap-Valve™ bulb. This unique chemistry and design eliminate the need to reconstitute lyophilized pellets, enabling consistent and accurate results.


  • Write-on swab label for easy sample identification
  • Environmentally conscious design – uses 20 – 80% less
  • plastic than comparable devices
  • Recyclable #7
  • Patented Snap-Valve™ technology – snap & squeeze
  • Unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility
  • Tolerant to temperature abuse
  • Test wet or dry surfaces
  • Costs up to 50% less than other ATP swabs
  • Results in 15 seconds
  • Consistent, reliable results
  • Pre-moistened swab bud
  • Self-contained, liquid-stable reagent


15-month shelf life at refrigerated temperature (2 – 8 °C) 4-week shelf life at room temperature (21 – 25 °C)


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