AtmoPure 600

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Brush-style Bipolar Ioniser installed into new or existing Air Con Wall Units or HVAC Ceiling Cassette Units.

AtmoPure offers HVAC and portable air purification solutions for Care Homes, Schools, Hotels and Offices. Using independently proven bipolar ionisation technology, AtmoPure neutralises:



Bipolar ionisation technology offers a broader, more extensive solution than other products in the market. Installed in an air conditioning unit, AtmoPure produces millions of positively and negatively charged oxygen ions. These ions travel through the duct system and into occupied space, neutralising pollutants.


  • Compact design allows for flexible and easy installation into Air Con Wall Units or HVAC Ceiling Cassette
  • Fan inlet mounted with magnets or screws
  • Treats up to 2400 CFM (6 Ton capacity)
  • Available in 12V DC, 24V AC, 120V AC and 230V AC voltages
  • Fuse protected
  • Silent and invisible
  • Independently proven safe and effective for continuous use
  • Requires no replacement parts
  • 3-year standard warranty
  • Support, training and extended warranties available
  • Tested and passed UL 867 for ozone and safety






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