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Very much satisfied with the purchase, provides real time display of PM 2.5, haze, dust, odour and power consumption.​

Jack Davis

Office Manager

5 star rating

It's almost a month now and I find this model is very effective. it is noiseless and purifies the room within few minutes. Maintenance is easy. Though costly option but worth of money.​

Nikita Ali

Care Home Manager

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The AtmoCure 3 is proven to destroy virus DNA including Covid-19 and H1N1. It is powerful enough to filter room sizes up to 100m3.

However, it should never be used a replacement for taking proper precautions and following governemtal guidelines.

The AtmoCure 3 features three speeds to adjust the intensity of air purification. And, operates at an ultra low noise level, making them almost inperceptable during regular operation. Making this model particularly suitable for homes, offices, shops, waiting rooms and most hospitality venues.

ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate. This is the energy molecule found in all living cells and the presence of ATP signifies whether the surface is clean.

Yes, our Atmosan Biocide product is accredited and approved to the following European and British Standards;

  • (EU) No 528-2012
  • BS EN 1276   
  • BS EN 1656-2009  
  • BS EN 14476-2013 + A1-2015

Atmosan Biocide

The Atmocure 3 will effectively filter, santise and protect you by filtering up to 100 m3 of air per hour. Which is roughly the size of 3 bedroom house!

The AtmoCure 3 has gone through rigorous testing to ensure it can safely operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.