AtmoCure 3 Air Purifier With UV Sterilisation

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Atmocure 3

Keeping You & Yours Safe, Free From Viruses & Bacteria

  • Scientifically tested to remove bacteria & viruses as small as PM0.1, including H1N1 virus.
  • Designed to run 24 / 7 to purify the air and create a healthy living environment, but they do not displace the need for essential sanitising and disinfecting of surfaces

Why Atmosan ?

Purifies and disinfects

Purifies and disinfects the air up to 99.999% & Destroys bacterial DNA

Remote Control

Operate The Atmoson Air Purifier with the ease of Remote Control

Intelligent Filter Monitoring​

Well proven high performance air cleaners that use Pro HEPA filtration

Improves Sleep

Remove the cause of airborne diseases, you safeguard yourself and your family from them

Hepa Filters

HEPA air purifiers use HEPA-rated filters to remove 99.97 percent of the airborne particles in your home

Eliminates Hazardous Particles

To protect yourself from asbestosis, use HEPA air purifiers that capture asbestos particles

Atmocure 3

A Life Of Air Purity

Powerful 100% concealed ozone-free UV-C lamps deliver killer rays to destroy viruses & bacteria by disrupting their DNA and help prevent the spread of viruses and infectious diseases such as COVID-19*.

*The AtmoCure 3 is proven to be effective at removing airborne viruses, but should never replace the need to take other precautions. Please always follow government guidelines.

Customers reviews

Compact yet powerful product with great features AtmoCure 3 Air Purifier is a great product that's helped my employees gain confidence about returning to work​. Best thing, it's super quiet!
Sara Mathew
Atmosan have always offered me the best solution to my dust management requirements with a prompt reply and friendly service.​
Sharon Hopkins
Absolute brilliant service and the staff are so helpful. Will definitely buy from them again. If you are looking for innovative products within the building industry then go to these guys.​
Paul Graves

Destroy Indoor Viruses & Purify Air​ Silently

The AtmoCure 3 is the best air purifier for sanitising homes, offices and commercial venues. The HEPA filters are effective at removing 99.999% of particles while the safely hidden UV lights are proven to kill bacteria, mould spores and viruses.